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Tips and tricks on how to ease your pet into the back to school routine


There might be a few people jumping for joy now that the kids are back in school, but there’ll be a few suffering from the post-summer holiday blues. Some pets will definitely fall victim to this, especially if they’re new members of the family.

After plenty of lie-ins, days spent at home and BBQs in the garden not having anyone around again is sometimes difficult for a pet to get used to. It’s important to make the transition as smoothly as possible for you and your best friend!


Routine is key, especially for dogs. It’s important to keep to your new routine as much as you possibly can. So, if you decide to give your dogs a walk in the morning before dropping the kids off at school and heading off to work then it’s best to stick to it. Or, for example, when you get home the first thing you might do is let the dog out or the cat in, it’s something all of you can look forward to.


Playtime is so important, too. This is a chance for your pet to let off some steam. This might be as simple as sitting down for a few minutes with your cat and playing with a teaser wand toy or throwing a tennis ball in the garden for your dog to catch. This is perfect warm up for a walk and could easily be done by a younger member of the family while someone else gets dinner on the go!

Be there

Make sure you’re there for your pet. If your dog has been cooped up while the family have been busy at work and school then they might need a few minutes of undivided attention. If your dog isn’t allowed on the furniture why not sit on the floor with them while you watch some TV? Why not brush your dog or cat (or both!) and let them enjoy the pampering. These can all be done in rotation by your family, taking it in turns to spend uninterrupted time with the pets.

Alone time

When it comes to leaving the house for the day make sure your pet has some sort of distraction. There are plenty of enrichment toys on the market that can provide hours (or a good part of an hour) of entertainment. From treat dispensing toys to durable chew toys. For cats, you can get teaser toys to hang from door frames!

Leaving the radio on for your pets can also provide them with a little comfort, masking any noises from outside that might disturb them.

You could also buy a pet camera if your home is a little out of the way for a drop-in check during the day. These allow you to see what your pet might be doing while you’re out and about. Some cameras even let you speak to your pet and dispense treats!

Sitters and walkers

If possible, you might want to consider looking at pet sitters or dog walkers. This can provide a massive peace of mind just knowing that your pets will see someone during the day while the family are out. If you have family or friends near this could be an option, too, even for their toilet breaks and a quick stretch of their legs during the day.

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