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Grooming your Pet in Summer

Grooming your Pet in Summer 1

Groom, groom, groom! With summer here, somewhere behind the grey skies, you might have thought to start grooming your pets, if you don’t already. Grooming your pet is plentiful in benefits, for the two of you, and can be done in the comfort of your home, or by a professional. Everything is down to your pet, its breed, and its type of fur, but grooming is important as well as enjoyable.

Grooming your dog

When brushing your dog natural oils are spread all over, promoting healthy skin and good circulation. It also removes dead hair, dirt and dandruff, which results in a shiny coat and a cooler summer. You should brush your dog regularly to prevent any matting, as it can be uncomfortable for them and cause health issues.

While you groom you can also check for any nasty lumps and bumps, or any visitors that shouldn’t be making a home on your pet, so any fleas or ticks!

A dog is enjoying a groom from a pink comb


The best thing about grooming is the bonding time it allows between the two of you. It might be tedious for you on a weekly basis, but try and remember that your dog is having a lovely massage, and will be enjoying the time spent on their coat. If you’re a bit unsure or nervous about doing this you can always visit a professional groomer. They’d be able to advise on the best brushes, shampoo, and techniques for your dog, and in time you’ll be able to it all from the comfort of your home.

A lot of people believe that cutting your dog’s hair will make them cooler. This is not necessarily true. Some dogs may never need a haircut whereas others have fur that is constantly growing. Some need a cut regularly, possibly as often as every two weeks. Professional dog groomers are probably the best people to entrust with this task. There are certain basic hair cutting techniques that you can learn to do from home. Always consult your vet about the correct and effective ways to do this as some dogs will never need their fur trimmed!


A cat enjoys being groomed by a comb

Grooming your cat

It’s almost the same for cats. Your cat will spend most of the day sleeping and grooming so you might think it’s pointless to brush your cat’s fur. However, depending on your cat, they might love a groom.

If your kitten or cat hasn’t been handled and groomed before you will need to gradually build their tolerance. You can slowly introduce grooming to your cat’s routine at a time they’re calm and relaxed. After food is a good time for a groom. This way, it is a positive experience.

Hands, combs and brushes

Before introducing a brush to your cat’s routine you could simply brush your cat with your fingers. This can help shed any dead hairs lurking amongst the shiny coat. Then, once your cat is happy, you could start grooming with a brush or comb. The type of brush depends on the type of cat, but they usually specify on the packaging. You could ask your vet or the local pet shop as to what would be best to groom your cat.

Whether it a dog or a cat grooming should always be a positive experience for the two of you. Treats and compliments are allowed and encouraged. So, to keep your pets cool and handsome this summer, get grooming.

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