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Nina Ottosson Spinny Review

Nina Ottosson Spinny Review 1

Here at Animal Friends we are always on the search for great pet products to review. We stumbled across the Nina Ottosson Spinny which is suitable for any of your furry family members, whether it be cats or dogs. When they arrived we couldn’t wait to try them! Here’s how it scored with Henry, the 12 weeks old Labrador pup.

Pet Score 5/5



If it involves treats and mental stimulation then it usually ticks all of the boxes for our in-house testers. We decided to try the Spinny with Henry, to see if he could figure it out. We had already had fun at the office with Marvel, and he mastered it in no time so it was Henry’s turn. The Spinny allows your pet to work for their treats, perfect for spending summer days at home.

Ease of Use 4/5



It’s easy to fill with your pet’s favourite treats and then simply place it on the floor for them to figure out and enjoy. Though it’s only marked as Level 1in difficulty it can still prove slightly challenging. This is good news, it should keep your pet occupied for a small while. Never keep them unoccupied with the toy, though, in case they take off with the plastic bone as Henry liked doing.

Henry the puppy happy to partake in the Nina Ottosson Spinny Review

Effectiveness 5/5



The Spinny is very effective. Even if they master it the first time it’s still a toy you’re able to revisit. It will still provide your pet with stimulation and some yummy treats! We love that you’re able to freeze the Spinny, too, to make the fun last a little bit longer.

Value for money 4/5



The Spinny currently retails at $22 on the Nina Ottosen website. This is about £19.97. We think that’s a reasonable price for something that will entertain your pet. It’s durable, too, so it will last. And, it’s a toy you can revisit without it getting too tedious.

Design 4/5



The toy itself is nicely designed and, of course, we love the colour. It’s perfectly designed for its intent and it works well. We love it. The only thing that lets it down is its box. We feel for such a great product the design of its packaging should have been better. But, that’s not too important as it protects what’s inside and what’s inside is great.

10% Discount and #becool Giveaway

We love the Spinny but haven’t yet managed to try it with a cat but we’re sure they’d love it just as much as Henry did. If you want to buy a Spinny for your dog or cat then you can do that on the Nina Ottosson website here. They were also kind enough to offer a 10% discount to our readers by using the code “VipDog” at checkout. And, they also gave us some extra Spinnys for our #becool giveaway. Thanks guys!


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