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Buying Gifts for Pets

Buying Gifts for Pets

It seems that Christmas gets earlier every year. The shops start filling up with yuletide merchandise and even the most basic items get repackaged in boxes covered in snowflakes and fir trees. It’s often an overwhelming time for shoppers and it can be difficult to sort the festive gems from the tacky tat.

Don’t worry, though, we’ve put together a handy guide to buying Christmas gifts for pets that should take the confusion out of this holiday shopping season.


Sometimes the classics are classics for a reason and the humble ball is no exception. Your dog or cat probably has a ball that they have had for years that could do with being replaced.

Catnip-filled balls for cats always go down a treat and there are hundreds of different dog-balls on the market. Watch them playing with balls of a range of sizes to see which they prefer and you can buy them the ball of their dreams. You can even get balls that talk!


Sometimes Christmas is a great excuse to buy something essential while splashing a little more cash and getting something more luxurious. Consider getting your pet an orthopaedic bed for Christmas. It will keep them warm and cosy for the rest of winter and they will definitely thank you for the comfort!


The weeks of December are often indulgent ones for us and our pets, so it may seem strange to suggest even more food as a gift, but gravy bones and dental chew sticks will last for months if stored properly. Besides, it’s better to have a few dog treats to hand than to accidentally slip them something they shouldn’t be eating.

Cuddly toys

Unless your pet is a persistent chewer or toy-wrecker (like a dog I know, nicknamed “The Destroyer”) a cuddly toy is a sweet gift to give. Make sure it’s a toy intended for pets as these are generally more durable and check there are no small, hard, sewn-on parts like eyes or noses that could be chewed off and swallowed.


If your pet’s collar is looking a bit dog-eared then Christmas is a good enough reason to invest in a new one. While it’s tempting to go for something blingy or fashionable it is usually best to go for something made of a strong, thick fabric if you’re looking for something durable. Be careful if you choose to put your cat in a collar as they might get caught on things as they climb and leap.

Christmas shopping can be a daunting task but knowing what you’re looking for is half the battle. And don’t forget to be careful how to you wrap your pet’s present to prevent choking hazards from ribbons or sellotape. It’s best to stick down edges with a non-toxic glue.

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