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Eye and ear care for pets

a German shepherd with wide eyes and big ears looking at the camera

Grooming is more than just brushing your pet’s fur so they can look good. After all, when taking care of our own looks there’s so much more to it than keeping our hair clean and well kept and it’s the same for our dogs or cats. So, it’s important that we keep our pet’s teeth, ears and eyes groomed and clean.


If you watch your pet for a minute or two, you’ll notice just how much they use their eyes and how important sight is to our pets. From a dog eagerly staring at a ball, waiting for it to be thrown, to a cat looking out through the window at the birds in the trees.

As a responsible pet owner, it’s our job to make sure their eyes stay healthy and sharp for as long as possible.

For most pets, healthy eyes require very little grooming but it’s important to keep a close eye on any changes. This way you’ll be able to catch any small issues before they develop into big problems.

Some dog breeds will need their long hair clipped or tied back to keep it from irritating their eyes.

Otherwise, you might just want to take a damp cloth to wash away any dust, mud or mucus in or around their eyes.

Always keep an eye out for grass seeds though as they can cause irritation and even infection.

Signs of an eye infection

  • Squinting or keeping their eyelid shut
  • Streaming tears
  • Scratching at their eye
  • Redness on the eyeball
  • Crusty discharge or yellow, persistent mucus

a red border collie


Your dog or cat might never have experienced an ear problem, and that’s great, but other pets are not so lucky. Our pet’s ears are designed in a way that means moisture and debris can sometimes accumulate and cause some problems. The canal is almost a perfect breeding ground for bacteria which can often lead to an ear infection.

You might want to consider cleaning your pet’s ears so to avoid any unnecessary infections, and this is quick and simple. You’ll need some ear cleaner drops which are available to buy at most pet shops and veterinary clinics.

Once you’ve got your drops get cosy with your pet and check for any discharge, gunk or cuts in your pet’s ear canal. If it’s all good and there’s no sign of an infection, then just squeeze a few drops into the canal and voila.

Your dog or cat will probably feel the need to shake their head, and that’s normal. If you’ve ever had the delight of having to use ear drops, you’ll know how they’re feeling.

Signs of an ear infection

  • Head shaking or tilting
  • Scratching at their ear
  • Redness or swelling of their ear
  • A waxy build-up or discharge
  • Foul smelling ears

An earinfection and ear mites symptomscan look very similar but will require different treatments so always speak to your vet so they can provide the right care.

These quick and easy steps only take a few minutes a week but will help keep your pet happy and healthy.

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