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Happy Love Your Pet Day!

Happy Love Your Pet Day!

Most owners don’t need a special day to be reminded how much they adore their furry friends. But, as today is Love Your Pet Day, we asked some of our staff here at Animal Friends to tell us what they love about their pets.

Lesley – Finance Administrator

I love my pet, Khaos, he’s a nine month old Malamute cross who came to live with us when my son Michael moved back home. Having always said I wouldn’t have a dog in our small house, or if I did, it would be a small one, I got the very opposite!

Khaos greets us when we come home with such love and enthusiasm that all your troubles instantly vanish as you try and get him to keep still for some fussing. He is very bouncy and loves to play with anything that moves, his favourite being other animals, but he will happily chase a plastic bottle around until it’s crushed beyond belief.

Recently my son made the hard decision to give Khaos up as he felt he wasn’t giving him the attention and time he needed. I was heartbroken, and after lengthy talks with my partner we are keeping him as the family pet and I couldn’t be happier.


Aimee – Claims Coach

I love my cat Apollo because he is absolutely gorgeous and very tolerant of being dressed up like a gentleman!


Tom – Claims Administrator

I love my dogs, Marley and Woody, because they are the two most lovable, loyal, loving dogs anyone could ever wish for. They drive me and my family around the twist. They make me shout and lose my temper.

They’ll whine and cry for no reason whatsoever . Show them their leads or say the ‘W’ word and they will go ballistic, hurtle around the garden, jump up and get me covered in mud, hair and slobber. But I know they would do anything for us if they could. They protect us day and night and guard the house when no-one is home. They are also both incredibly jealous. They will curl their bodies around you if you pay one of them more attention that the other, and demand that you stroke them. But just to see them on a walk, running beside one-another , you can’t help but admire how beautiful they are. No matter how clumsy they are, they will always be my gentle giants.


Lindy – Claims Assessor

Daisy is a beautiful cream coloured German Shepherd and wherever I go at home she is constantly by my side. When I’m watching TV she always lies on the floor by me, if I’m in the kitchen she lies on her bed in there and when I move to a different room she is like my shadow.  When I moved to Norfolk I spent a lot of time on my own and she was my constant companion, whenever I speak to her she wags her tail and it’s almost as if she understands what I’m saying.  She loves going out in the car and will come with us even if we’re just going to the shop.  When out for a walk she likes nothing better than having a toy thrown for her and always brings it back and practically drops it on your feet for you to throw again. At home she is really quiet and never barks.

I always wanted a white German Shepherd and she turned up by ‘accident’ as she is a rescue.  My husband went to see her to assess her as a police dog, but the people who owned her said if he didn’t take her with him she was going to be put to sleep. I do love all my dogs, but she is very special to me.


Tammy – Claims Administrator

I love my cats, Sparticle and Crixus, because they are my like little children, they need love, attention, and they are mischievous little trouble-makers too – so they make me laugh!  They are my ‘fur-kids’ – naughty or good, I can’t help but love the fluffy things!


Clare – Claims Assistant Manager

I love my pet, Gizmo, because he provides me with constant entertainment.  Not only does he have a really silly hairdo (he looks like he’s wearing a judge’s wig), he’s also the clumsiest dog I’ve ever come across – he runs into things or trips himself up on a daily basis.

He is completely obsessed with the strangest of things: rays of light and dust just to name a few and will chase them for hours if left to his own devices. He is a stickler for routine when it comes to food; he knows after which walks is biscuit time, if I don’t feed him before doing anything else he will whine and bark and shout at me until I feed him, all the while drooling as if someone has left a tap turned on in his mouth.

He empties his toy box (all 500 toys) daily and distributes them as tripping hazards throughout the house. As soon as I put them all away he gets straight back on with emptying them one at a time.

All of this probably sounds like a nightmare for most but despite all his quirky little habits he is the most loving mutt I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. He can tell when I’m tired or down and will be on standby to offer cuddles or sloppy kisses. He’s a fantastic foot warmer, the best alarm clock and makes sure I get more than my recommended daily exercise. He’s my best buddy and makes sure I’m never alone despite the army regularly taking my husband away for exercise or deployment. Life is never boring whilst he is around!


What makes you love your pet? Is it their winning smile or their affectionate cuddles? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.


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