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How we helped – a customer’s story

It’s a worrying time when you notice there’s something not quite right with your pet, which is why having pet insurance is so important as you just don’t know what could be around the corner. Daniel, one of our loyal customers, reached out to us on Twitter thanking us for a positive experience using Joii for the first time. We got in touch with him to find out more about his story.

How long have you been with Animal Friends?

Four years – since we first got our pet.

What happened and when did you first notice something was wrong?

We noticed a growth on our pet’s face and we were really worried about what it could be.

What made you decide to contact Joii?

I called our vet and they said to bring our pet in. When I got off the phone I was reluctant to go straight to the vet because the growth appeared suddenly (not something that had been growing over time), and because of that I didn’t want to have to spend our excess on the consultation. I remembered that Animal Friends had a helpline but I couldn’t remember the details. So, I did a quick Google search and found out about Joii!

How were Joii able to help and would you recommend the video call service to others?

The service was incredible. The vets were really kind and thorough. They didn’t try to rush me off the phone or make me feel like I was under a time pressure. They were very caring, very chatty and kind. Not only that, but it saved me having to pay our excess! It will make me stay with Animal Friends again when we renew. That call alone saved me £99 – so if I take that off the annual cost of our insurance, it’s made this insurance cheaper overall!

Did you make a claim through Animal Friends?

No, thankfully! It was amazing to be able to have a consultation for free without having to incur a cost. It’s a massive benefit and will be a MAJOR reason why I would stay with Animal Friends over another insurer. Especially, as it turned out to be something that we could deal with at home – and our pet is all better now! We have claimed through AF before.

How is your pet doing now?

He’s fully recovered 🙂

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