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Join Gamers for Orcas to end cruel captivity of whales and dolphins

an orca swimming in the wild

Orcas are warm-blooded marine mammals and live in family pods of up to 50 individuals. They’re amazingly social creatures, handing down knowledge from generation to generation. 

Orcas have been kept in captivity since 1961, helpless victims of a blatantly commercial experiment which has seen dozens of wild orcas plucked from their families and forced to live in artificial social groupings which bear scant resemblance to their life in the wild. 

Orcas have been in captivity since 1961

At least 156 orcas have been  taken into captivity from the wild since 1961. 129  of these orcas are now dead. Over 80 orcas from the Southern Resident population in Washington State were rounded up at Penn Cove in 1970 and taken into captivity. Today this population is endangered. Only one captured whale, Lolita, is still alive, held at Miami Seaquarium. 

In total, at least 166 orcas have died in captivity, not including 30 miscarried or stillborn calves. In the wild, male orcas can live to the age of 50-60 years and females can achieve 80-90 years of age.  In captivity most die young. 

orca pod swimming

Orcas are still in captivity today

After the renowned documentary  ‘Blackfish’ brought the reality of captive orcas’ existence to general attention, the wider world is now increasingly aware that all is not well in fantasy-land. However, SeaWorld continues to hold 20 orcas in its 3 parks in the United States.  

But in recent years, first a trickle, then a steady torrent of incidents have been reported. A growing catalogue of ‘accidents’, illnesses, failed pregnancies and premature deaths have helped to show that this industry is cruel.  

How will Gamers for Orcas help?

The money raised through Gamers for Orcas will help Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) to end the demand for orca and dolphin shows in dolphinaria and theme parks. By educating the travel and tourism industry WDC persuades them to stop buying orcas.  By educating the public about the reality of this cruel ‘entertainment’, we will end the demand for such shows. 

Please join Gamers for Orcas 2019 and support WDC’s work to put an end to this cruel industry once and for all. 


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