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Product Review: Chow Bella Spaniel Bowl

Product Review: Chow Bella Spaniel Bowl 2

At Animal Friends, we were very intrigued when we received the Chow Bella ‘Spaniel bowl’ to review. The spaniel bowl came beautifully packaged and looks fit for any Prince or Princess pup. With its flawless glaze, fashionable colouring and cute personalised text, we can’t help but think this is good enough for even us to eat out of!

We have read a lot of really good things about the ‘Spaniel Bowl’ and were looking forward to see if it really does stop ears falling into messy foods or water. Luckily Gizmo one of our AFI staff’s English Springer Spaniel was on hand to test this out for us. It’s a hard life for Gizmo testing out fancy bowls and getting treats!  As always, we scored it for multiple factors out of 5 to let you know what we (and Gizmo) thought of it.


Pet score: 4/5

What did Gizmo think of it? Well for Gizmo, it is just a bowl, as long as it was filled with treats he is happy! Gizmo had no hesitation in using the Chow Bella Bowl (especially as it was filled with goodies) and the clever shape of the bowl did stop his ears from dangling in the food.

Ease of use: 4/5


Being that it is a bowl, ease of use is pretty simple, it holds a good sized portion of food and would also be perfect to use with water too! The website states that all Chow Bella bowls are all fully customisable and are dish washer safe – even better for mucky pups!

Effectiveness: 4/5


The Chow Bella Spaniel Bowl had been cleverly designed with a slightly narrowed top that allows even the floppiest of ears to fall either side of the bowl rather than into the food. It is very effective in design and is a great solution to soggy messy ears!

Value for money: 3/5


Whilst the Cocker Spaniel bowl could be considered a little pricey at £26.99, we do need to bear in mind that it is individually made and personalised. It is an entirely unique product with no two bowls being the same. All Chow Bella products can be personalised and designed by either yourself or by Claire Pearson (the founder). Bowls can be personalised by colour choice, wording, or symbols making them the perfect treats or gifts for even the most pampered pet!

Design: 5/5


The design of the Chow Bella bowl is so cute and individual with the added bonus of it being practical too! The patterns, colours and designs are very current in terms of home design. As the items are designed it does mean that as well as being practical, it can be made to suit your taste and home décor needs!


Conclusion: 8 out of 10

We love the cute and quirky design of the Chow Bella Bowl, with its novel personalisation and clever design we think that they wouldn’t look out of place in any household. Although a little on the expensive side we must take into account that this unique product is personalised to reflect your pet’s personality and/or your home, hand painted and decorated making the cost reflect the work and craftsmanship in each piece. Over all we are thrilled with the quality and design and wouldn’t hesitate to order for our own pets or even as a gift!


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