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Your top kitten questions answered

You might have recently welcomed a new kitten into your home, or you’re thinking about expanding your family by four legs, or maybe you’ve got some unanswered questions from when your feline friend was smaller. Whatever the case may be, we want to answer your top kitty-related queries and searches!

My kitten keeps sneezing

A sneeze here or there is usually nothing to worry about, as their noses tickle randomly just like ours do, too. If your kitten’s sneezes are more than just occasionally it might be a sign of a cold or virus and a visit to the vet will be needed for proper diagnosis and treatment.

My kitten has diarrhoea

A kitten can develop runny stools from a change of diet or environment. Once you notice this change in your cat’s bowel movements, you need to start monitoring their stools to make sure the diarrhoea is not an indication of something more chronic. If it doesn’t seem to be going away, make sure to visit your vet.

My kitten keeps meowing

Your kitten meows to communicate with you, just like they did with their mother. This might be to let you know they’re hungry, cold, that they want a little attention or even as a greeting. You’ll learn to recognise your cat’s vocalisation and what they mean as they grow.

My kitten won’t eat

There are lots of different reasons as to why a kitten might turn their nose up at their food, with most being down to fussiness. A bowl’s location, size and cleanliness can make a big difference to a cat’s appetite.

If you’ve changed your kitten’s food, this should be something that’s done slowly and gradually over a week or two so that your cat gets used to the change. If the behaviour persists, it could be down to stress, illness or a toothache so don’t hesitate to speak to your vet if your kitten’s not eating.

My kitten won’t drink water

The amount of water a cat needs depends on the environment and the kind of food they eat. So, you might think your cat isn’t getting enough liquid to stay hydrated when, in fact, they’re drinking the right amount to match their lifestyle.

Always provide your cat with around-the-clock access to clean drinking water and learn the signs of dehydration so that you can make sure your kitten receives the right care when they need it.

My kitten keeps biting me

Your kitten will try and bite or nibble you when you’re playing because it’s part of their natural hunting instinct, they’re simply practising for the day they will need to hunt for their prey. To stop them from thinking that toes and fingers are fine to chew, you should invest in some kitten toys for them to play and practice with.

My kitten has fleas

If you spot fleas on your kitten, it’s recommended that you treat your kitten with a suitable treatment. Your vet will be able to advise on a product based on their age, size and species. You’ll also need to treat your home with kitten-friendly pesticides that will get rid of any fleas and eggs hiding in the nooks and crannies of your rooms.

My kitten sleeps all day

As kittens, cats will sleep for most of the day, the same as the young of other species. Cats will get as much as 20 hours sleep a day, with most averaging at least 15 hours. A sleeping kitten is completely normal, but make sure that they’re interested in playing and other activities when they’re awake as lethargy could be a sign that something is wrong.

Why does my kitten stare at me?

When your kitten stares at you, it’s important to read their entire body to try and figure out what’s behind their gaze. It can be a simple search for attention, a fearful look as you’ve spooked them, a warning that they’re not too happy or a friendly gesture of happiness.

Why does my kitten lick me?

Often, kittens will lick as a sign of affection, something that is learnt from their parents. We know that being licked by a cat is not the most pleasant experience thanks to the backwards-facing hooks that cover their tongue, but you’ve got to admit it’s still kind of cute, right?

Whatever your kitty query may be, we have plenty more blogs and articles available to help you keep your kitten happy and healthy as it grows.

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