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Who are SPANA?

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In 1923, Kate Hosali and her daughter Nina witnessed appalling conditions while travelling through Africa, not least for the animals who lived and worked there. The people who owned them relied on them for labour but were poorly educated in basic care and maintenance. The owners themselves were often impoverished meaning that the animals where worked to exhaustion, undernourished and illnesses and injuries went untreated due to financial hardship and lack of knowledge. Kate resolved to provide free veterinary care to these animals, treating their wounds and injuries herself. She worked tirelessly throughout her lifetime and her legacy continues through the superb global work of SPANA.

The work that SPANA do is in constant need of financial support and this can be given in a number of ways, from cash donations to used stamps and postcards. Every penny counts towards making real changes to the lives of animals who will work to support their owners for the majority of their adulthood. You can also use their “Fill a Backpack” app to buy veterinary supplies from as little £1.54 for a tetanus shot. It’s a great way to support the charity and know exactly where your money is going. For less than the cost of a packet of biscuits you can vaccinate an animal.

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