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Pet advice
Pet advice
Pet advice

Cat advice

Anyone who has had a cat can tell you that they can be quite independent and aloof. Our guides below will help you feel a little less mystified by your feline’s behavior!

We’ve written some handy cat advice guides, to help you unlock the secrets of your mysterious moggy.

If you are thinking about purchasing or adopting a cat for the first time then there are many factors that need to be considered. A lot of time and commitment has to be given in order to keep pet content and well.

From marvellous moggies to more unusual felines, our breed guides will help you learn about the characteristics, behaviours and common conditions of cats.

We provide advice on buying and adopting, from welcoming a new kitten into the family to giving an older cat a forever home.

We look at the ‘how’ and ‘why’ on all things training and offer some information on common cat behaviour.

Here you’ll find all things healthcare, from dental tips to information on pest protection as well as a breed’s most common health problems.

Age, breed and existing health conditions are all things that decide a cat’s food and nutritional needs, is your cat getting the right balance?

Our cats have such a big impact on our lives, we hope to provide information, support and comfort to those struggling with the loss of a pet.

We cover the more general cat care bits that are essential to keeping our feline friends happy and healthy.

Our ‘petsperts’ kitties review all things cat to bring you the latest on products that benefit their health and wellbeing.


Having a cat is one of the most rewarding experiences we can have through our lives.

Research and understanding is key. The principal point to note before buying a cat for the first time is that each animal has a differing set of needs.

Research all aspects of caring for a certain cat, then consider the temperament of the breed as ultimately, this cat is going to become a new member of your family.