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Trixie Cat Activity Fun Board Review

The Cat Activity Fun Board is simple but effective and is exactly what it says on the tin (well, box)! With five sections to the board, it’s up to you which you decide to use or leave empty. They all offer a different challenge where they’ll need to use different parts of their body to reach their well-earned reward. The aim of the game is for your kitty to work out how to get to all the treats!

Price: £12.99 (depending on stockist)

Ease of use



Entertainment value

Our rating


Machine washable
Non-slip design
Fights boredom
Durable construction
Easy to use
Can be challenging
It’s plastic
A very large toy
David preferred the box

What we like about the product

As the Cat Activity Fun Board is made from plastic, the puzzle is super easy to clean and robust. The non-slip rubber feet make it hard to move for even the biggest cats meaning they can enjoy their game for longer.

If your cat is eating its food too quickly, you can always incorporate the Board into your daily feeding routine. The fishbowl globes, pegs, alley, tongues and tunnel are bound to exercise a cat’s ability to reach their treats.

What we don’t like about the product

The design is quite bulky, which is great as it provides a variety of challenges, but it does mean it takes up quite a lot of room. While it’s tricky to store away unlike alternative cat toys, it might still be too small for some cats. We don’t think the Board would be suitable for breeds like Maine Coons as their paws might be too big to retrieve the treats.

Dave enjoyed trying to master its mazes, bowls and tunnels but he is just a kitten, it might not be as challenging for older cats who have played with a variety of different toys throughout their lives.

The final verdict

David loves the board, but still needs to learn to master how to reach its nooks and crannies, so it’s bound to keep him entertained for longer. Its makes the perfect boredom buster while offering an alternative to his usual food bowl and as it’s super easy to clean, you could use it with wet cat food, too. It’s not suitable for bigger cats as their paws will be too big to reach all of the treats, but it’s great for kittens or our smaller feline friends.


David, or Bowie, is still just a kitten. He lives with four dogs but still rules the roost and tells them what’s what. His favourite things include chasing leaves blowing in the wind, sleeping in sun and going on nightly wanders. David leads a very simple life, but we wouldn’t have him any other way.